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Social Justice Issue: Police Brutality

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

By Leyla Ingram

     Since the 1960’s, police have been abusing their power towards citizens, by false arrest, false imprisonment, police brutality, and racial profiling. A lot of people have been killed and/or abused with no type of justice because police are rarely charged for what they’ve done.

     According to the Washington Post, one of the most recent cases of police brutality was on May 9. A 14-year-old boy named, Lorenzo Clerkley Jr., was shot by police officer, Sgt. Kyle Holcomb, in Oklahoma. Lorenzo and his friends were playing with bb guns. “Show me your hands! Drop it!” Holcomb said, firing four shots in rapid succession. According to the video footage, no more than six hundredths of a second had passed since he had finished the command. “Drop the gun!” he then said, before radioing in the incident. “Shots fired, shots fired. Black male with a gray hoodie had the gun.

     Police brutality still happens today and it continues to get worse because it's happening more frequently. Now, with police cameras and people nearby, recording the events, everyone knows about it and can see what happened. But even with video proof, police officers are often not charged. And no matter how many protests or riots we have, the police sometimes fight, with force, when we often come in peace. They use tear gas, tasers and guns against us, and we can’t fight back, because then we are in the wrong. Black people have a reputation for being dangerous or doing wrong, so people make it seem like we’re a threat when it’s really not like that. 

     Right now, in the White House, our president, Donald Trump, through written and verbal communication, shows signs that he is against all colors that aren’t white. He is trying to keep immigrants on the other side of the border and he recently told four congresswomen to “go back to where they came from”. And it's not just the police, but we have a corrupt government, where mainly White people get what they need and only they get treated fairly. All of this needs to stop, because its been happening for too long. America is for all people.

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