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Updated: Jul 11, 2019

    It’s July 4th, 2005, and the sound of a new baby just born into the world, echoes in the hospital room. It’s a girl by the name of Leslie Rubi Govea. The second child born into the couples’ family who has moved to America to live the American dream and give this child the life they didn't have. I live a pretty average young child's life. I go to preschool where my mom works, where I am pretty ahead academically and overall. 

     It’s my first day of Kindergarten and I'm nervous about going to a big school, which is very different than my small preschool. But as I'm walking to my classroom, all I can think about is the toys I saw when I came one day to meet my teacher. My little hand is shaking from excitement and fear. Turns out, it's basically the same as preschool with a little more learning. 

     During nap time everyday, my teacher played piano music, which I still remember because I found myself captured by the song “Fur Elise” by Beethoven. I love this song and this artist, still today, and it has really informed my love for the piano. Throughout the year, I had a habit of pretending to be asleep when nap time was over and making the entire classroom have to “throw me” in order for me to finally wake. My little brother was born at this time, and we are now a family of 5. 

     First, second, and third grade were all pretty much similar to this but with no naps and toys. Mid-third-grade, my parents told me I'm moving schools. It seemed pretty unrealistic at the moment, but it did happen. The night before my first day of 4th grade at my new school, I was nervous out of my mind. I imagined what terrible things could happen. Into my first week, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. I had already made a best friend with whom I am still best friends with today and 4th grade ending up being really fun. 

     It’s my first week of school in 5th grade and I find my Kindergarten teacher at my new school. She says she teaches there now. I think this was fate for several reasons. One, because she told me I should join the cross country team, for which she was the coach. Cross country was very out of my comfort zone, but I decided to do it. The second reason was because during my first day of tryouts I met a girl and she and I have been best friends since then. The third reason it was fate is because I ended up doing cross country for 4 years and have developed a deep love for it, and I plan to continue it in high school. Lastly, I lost a lot of weight that really needed to be lost. 

I also joined a club in 5th grade, that I stayed in through my middle school years. It was the BIGG club, or “Bigger Ideas for the Greater Good”. It is a club where you pretty much do things for your community. I love this club because I love to help people, and if I can put a smile on someone else’s face, then it puts a smile on mine. The thing was, I didn't know exactly how to help out and this club helped me to do that. We did things like: make breakfast for our teachers; give gifts to parents, bus drivers, and teachers; and help in a local grocery store. We also spread the word about the grocery store by going door to door in some neighborhoods. We created a festival type event, at our school, for people at the Durham Rescue Mission and we donated clothes and shoes to them. Last year, we also raised about $2,000 for kids with cancer. 

My 6th, 7th, and 8th grades went like elementary, but I ended up playing for my school’s soccer team for 7th and 8th grade. Although I wasn't very good (I was actually terrible and in front of a lot of people), it really helped me come out of my comfort zone.  

I also made a lot of new friends. In 8th grade I took math 1, instead of 8th grade math. It was quite hard for me at the start of the year, my grade was a D, but I got a lot better and ended the school year with an A in that class. This happend with a lot of studying, and help from others. For a while I wished I left that class, but now I couldn't be more glad that I took it.

 I found out that I'm going to Research Triangle High School where my brother is going. It wasn’t where I wanted to go, but I'm going there with an open mind. I plan to take honors science, and do cross country there as well. I am also planning to pursue my dream of being a photojournalist. I plan to work hard in school to do that. I am also thinking about playing the guitar, and piano, when I’m older. 

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