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Jeily Abigail Padillla

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

  My Name is Jeily Abigail Diaz Padilla. I’m 15 years old and I am a soon to be the first generation to graduate from both high school and college. My family’s nationality is Honduras, but my siblings and I were born here in the U.S.A. My Father immigrated here when he was 17 years old and started working at any job he could get.

     My mother flew here to the United States to stay with my Aunt who was living in Durham NC. This is where she met my father. Together, they moved to Virginia (I forget the name of the town in which they lived), which is where my mother got pregnant. My mother didn’t get an ultrasound, so she didn’t know the gender of the baby. Once my mother gave birth to my twin sister Jackeline, they handed her to my father and my mother was immediately moved to an emergency room. This is where she got a c-section because there was another baby left in her womb. This shocked everyone , After the whole discover of having twins, my parents moved us back to Durham when we were just 2 years old and I’ve been staying in Durham ever since. I grew up very close to my family, especially my cousins. Anyway, I always knew I had the support of my family.  

     When I turned six, my mother gave birth to my little brother. Once my brother was born I learned what it meant to be a responsible older sibling. Even though I was only 6, I still wanted to help my mother with my little brother in any way I could. Mid-way through 5th grade my parents told us we were moving into a house. It was hard for me because I had many friends at my apartment complex and I would miss them. I was normally an outdoor girl, but there were no kids in my new neighborhood and with nobody to play with, I stayed home and watched TV.

In middle school, I was a very shy and quiet (and awkward) girl. This didn’t benefit me at all because I was an easy target for bullies. Even though I was quiet, I had a bad temper, which helped me to “comeback” at my bullies. They would back off and I was able to continue my school year in peace.

Now I hope I didn’t give you an impression of me being a lonely kid. No. I did have good friends from elementary school and I made some new ones. In my last year of middle school, we were getting ready to apply to high school. The high school I really focused on was City of Medicine Academy. I was determined to get into that school and worked with some of my Student U and eighth grade teachers to apply. I am still so grateful for all of the teachers that helped me, and my sister, apply to CMA because my mother didn’t really know how. Once me and my twin sister both received our acceptance letter, I was overjoyed and excited to start high school. 

In the first semester of my freshman year, I worked hard, socialized less, and I passed all of my first semester classes. But when 2nd Semester came, I went down hill. I didn't pay attention to my grades at all. I didn’t study, and I turned my work in, half-completed. You might be wondering, “why did you let that happen!?" Well, I started procrastinating. I worked so hard my first semester, so I thought it was okay to take a break, but this turned out to be a bad habit. You see, in middle school, I didn’t do as much work as I did in high school. In middle school I was an “A and B” honor student But I just took things for granted. In the end I passed all of my classes, but I barely passed math. What I’m trying to say is to take your time in your work. Don’t rush your work and DO NOT WAIT until the last minute! I can’t wait for my sophomore year! This time, I’m just going to focus on my school work and not repeat my old mistakes.

Has anybody told you how important it is to get more involved in your community? Do you always wonder why they make a big deal out of it? The reason people keep telling you this is because, "it helps you when you apply to college.” Every body has heard that, right? But you can always make it to a fun activity, and you are helping your community. I still have 3 years left for high school and many people have told me to work hard these 3 years, and to learn from my mistakes, instead of letting them hold me down.

I hope my autobiography has shown you another point of view as it relates to people’s lives.

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