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Jannah Ameriah Palmer-Bey

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Hello! My name is Jannah Ameriah Palmer-Bey and this is my story. I was born in Christiana Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware on December 11, 2003. I was a light skinned baby with dark brown hair, close to the color black of my small eyes. My mom would call me her little "Asia baby" because I had small eyes like sometimes representative in the Asian culture. I was also a chubby baby. My mom told me that when I was a baby I was a real cry baby. She would always say “when you were hungry you cried and when you were sleepy you cried yourself to sleep."

  I am one of my mom’s 6 children. In order from oldest to youngest there are: Kahyara, 23; Dont’e, 21; Dymir, 18; Julia, 17; Me, 15; and Zahrah, 13. Zahrah and I have the same father. We also have another sister on our dad's side named is Egypt. We left Delaware sometime in October 2015 . This was my very first time moving into an apartment. Back home in Wilmington, DE we have a lot of houses and a few apartments. My mom said the reason that we are in North Carolina is because when she was a little girl, my grandpa/ my mom’s father (my mom is his only child but he has step kids).

He was in the army in Fayetteville, NC. He was a boxer and a paratrooper (people who jump out of a plane), but was never in war. My Mother said that she always loved North Carolina and she wanted to come back. I was very close to my grandma and would always walk to her house. She loved oatmeal raisin cookies. They were her favorite. The day that she died I was in tears and the night of her funeral I cried the most. I couldn’t believe that she was really gone. Everyone was talking all causal like there wasn’t someone in a casket. Now every year around her birthday my mom bawls her eyes. I sometimes try to comfort her, but I start bawling my eyes too.   

Right now, it is the summer before my freshman year. I don’t even know what school I'm going to go to. I got into Hillside High school, but I’m on the waiting list for Early College. I am kind of nervous for the 9th grade. What if I fall into the wrong crowd? What if I get separated from my friend from my old school? Well, it probably won't be a problem because I make friends easily. Sometimes I don’t even want to make a lot of friends when I go to a new school but people just say, “Are you Jannah?” or “You look like a nice person and you look like you just be chilling!” I just smile and say, "Yes, that's me. I just be chilling." If I go to Hillside, my brother's friend still goes there and I might hang out with their friends. I just don’t know.

But, on the bright side I have time to hangout with my friends and other people who are in my neighborhood. I hand out with a lot of people in my neighborhood like: my sisters, brother, mom, step-dad, my aunt, my cousin, and my friends and their families. Sometimes, we do nothing, like sit on the stairs. We go to the playground, walk around the neighborhood, or walk to the store together. We also go out and have fun, like to the skating rink, ect. We also call each other’s mom our mom. Sometimes I just hang out at my aunt’s house and watch Netflix or she comes over to my mom’s house to hangout. Also, we are Muslim, so we do most of the same things. People ask us all of the time if we were born in America. When people ask us this question we are just confused because we have American accent, but it's okay.

In Islam we don’t date at all. We have sit downs, which could tell you who you're going to spend the rest of your live with. One of my friends is already married already, so the marriage topic is brought up often. Some of us say maybe we'll get married after high school, but I want to get married when I am in 11th grade. My sister will be getting married soon and I hope that I will be here. My sister's husband is very interesting because he is a construction worker, works on cars, and can cook a little bit too. I am friends with his sisters, too. I am very happy for her and her future husband.

I also go to my family's houses for about a month, but what I like to do to get my mind off of it all is shop. I love shopping! I also walk a lot. If you ask my friends why I walk a lot, they would say, "She just trying to stay skinny". The only reason that I really walk is because it relieves stress and it helps me to think about whatever is going on in my brain, which is usually a lot! Just saying. My Mom says that my mind is from here to Brazil. I also like to walk to just feel the nice breeze. I also think about what I want to do in the future. I think about how it would feel to be a leaf and how my body would just sway in the wind. I know that you might be wondering when my life would get more interesting. I guess you would have to stick around for that.

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