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Fiston Lemons

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

I grew up cooking in the kitchen, the aroma of different island and country food, with a mother that has a lot of support from my dad with their 7 kids. I was 7 at the time, but I can see that my mother is missing her parents who are 437 miles away. She has to adjust to it.

We didn’t have a lot of money, so I shared a room with my older sister, who I look up to and still look up to today. Everyday we did the same thing: makeup our beds, get dressed for school, go down the stairs, turn on the T.V., and watch special agent Oso, then eat breakfast.

While growing up in the the elementary school, Y.E. Smith, I was an outgoing little girl. I was in AIG, Step Club, Odyssey of the mind, Cheerleading, and Basketball. I had a lot of pressure on me taking all of these clubs, but I had to keep my grades up. In the end, I graduated 5th grade with all A’s.

With growing up in the 12-13 years of my life, then going to middle school, I had to have a different mind set. You can’t just play around thinking you are going to learn ABC’s. I was sitting in the back of the class watching kids just pouring into the classroom. Kids that were mad to be there. Kids that were sleeping because they were so used to the summer and were just ready to go home.The teacher told us who she was, then passed out the syllabus. I was sitting there thinking that I have 6 more classes, and that I would have to hear the same thing in those six classes.

I was also thinking that I was not going to know anybody, but I saw a girl who looked familiar. When she turned around, I realized that it was a family friend, named Nakya, and her brother Steven. Knowing I have somebody in the same grade and a close friend, had me thinking, "I'm going to make it out alive!" I can’t lie, taking tests are not my best suit, but taking that last test, and knowing that after I did, it would be the sunset on being a freshman in high school. The middle school life was so quick before I knew it I was graduating from Carter Community School. 

Sitting in the house during the summer because it felt like it is 1,000 degrees outside. Have you ever had that summer feeling? When your mom get lemons to make freshly squeezed lemonade? You wait by the pitcher, watching the water fall off the side of the ice cold pitcher. My mom took her time squeezing the lemons, and adding the sugar and water. Your mother hands you your cup of lemonade, and you run outside, wasting half your cup on the living room floor.

The summer was going as planned, until my mom told me that I would be going to a year round school. It felt like I died and came back to life, knowing that I would be going to school in a week. I was heated. My summer was now ruined. My mom took me school shopping for clothes and school supplies.

I believing what everybody was telling me about high school; that it is hard, you gotta be more observant, and more fights breakout. It was kind of boring, though, not knowing anybody, and only having my brothers around. The second day, it was popping. Everybody knew me. I guess because my brother told them. I was getting party invitations and girl groups were formed. Some girls did’t like me, but who doesn’t have haters. I’m the type of person who doesn't like people that talk out of the side of their necks, but almost didn't make it out of the 9th grade.

Summer has come back around again, and I am at Student U. Even though I don’t want to be here, Student U gives me opportunities that no other camps give me. For example, I am applying to college in one of my classes.

I want to become a Wedding Planner and a Pastry chef. My plan is to get a full ride to Johnson and Wales college. Overall, I have more years to tell y'all about, but this is all I can give you right now.

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