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Alejandro Medina Guillen

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Hello! My name is Alejandro Medina Guillen and this is the story of my life. I'm a 14 year old boy who is about to turn 15 on August 21. I'm the middle child in my family. I have an older brother named Juan and a younger brother named Danny. My mom's name is Maria Julieta and my dad’s name is Tomas. I live with both my parents and I’m very happy about that because some of my friends don’t live with both of their parents. My parents educated me and my brothers to be respectful, and thankful, for what we got.

Now, I forget how old I was when I first entered Pre-K. Yes, I went to Pre-K and also my older brother, but my younger brother didn’t go. He also missed a year because he was born on December 14. The first Durham Public School and elementary school I went to was Bethesda. I started in Kindergarten, but the one thing that went wrong was, I got held back in 1st grade. Since then, I have been taking education more seriously. I graduated 5th grade, I needed a middle school to go to. My mom said she wanted me to go to the middle my brother was in. I was very excited about this, because I was finally going to meet new people (I was almost always with the same people in elementary school).

Research Triangle Charter Academy is a very small school, but trust me, it's very good. And since it's small, you can have very good relationships with the teachers. In this middle school, I actually participated in track, soccer, beta club, and this elective called: "Upperclassman". In this elective, we just talked about life and we helped clean the environment by picking up trash in the streets. In middle school, some of my friends were named Timi, Jose, Salvador, Carlos, Valeria, and Christina. I really had a good time in my middle school, but now I have to leave because I've graduated from 8th grade.

I have a really big family, so when we have parties it’s pretty lit. I’m very lucky that I have this wonderful family. My godparents, which are also my uncle and aunt, are Armando and Paloma. I have lots of uncles some in Mexico and some here at Durham. Some of my uncles are Fer, Efrain, Armando, Beto, Cornelio and some of my aunts are Paloma, Alma, Elia, Lupita, Vero, Susy, and Lis. The people I mostly like being around are my cousins from Durham. I have so many cousins, but I really don’t know all of them that much since they're not from here.

I really like helping and giving my energy to the community. In 6th grade, we helped at Meals on wheels. I felt really good that we were giving food to other people. I also helped at a Catholic church food sale by washing dishes and serving in other areas. I really like helping others, especially during class, and as long as I’m trying I feel good about myself.

I have so many things I really want to be good at. One is soccer. I want to start practicing more and try joining a team. I also want to become better at playing the guitar but I have to practice instead of playing Fortnite. I have already started to lift weights to try to become stronger. I am also doing lots of stuff to improve my speed. I run everyday or at least I try to do some kind of exercise to stay fit. I have really thought about my food balance and should really stop eating so much junk food, especially chips.

Now entering 9th grade I want to actually try doing my homework, stay organize, and learn to manage my time, so that I can get my work done, exercise, and play some guitar. One thing I would like to work on is to stop being shy and nervous. I just hate when I feel it, so I just start sweating. I want to work on this because I'm trying to be more social with people. Sometimes, I just feel like I have trouble fitting in groups because there are lots of students who are into the wrong stuff and I just feel like they're ruining their future and who they can be with their education. I usually just go into a group that seems chill during lunch.

Since I was a little kid and have an imaginative mind, I've always enjoyed playing with lots of toys, such as toy cars and nerf guns.

I recently went to Frankies with my small brother and my parents because we haven’t gone there in such a long time. Me and my brother played laser tag because I like it alot. While I was at Frankies, I was scared because it was my first time doing this sky trail. You have to walk on ropes and other stuff. I was scared to fall, but actually I would not have fallen because I was attached to the rope. Walking the sky trail helped me build my confidence and just say, "I can do it!" 

I am just glad that I'm alive and the others around me are alive.This is basically it because we never know what could happen in the future. Well, thanks for reading! I hoped that you enjoyed it!

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