Voices of student U

Destined to change the world


The Student U Publication was created in the summer of  2018, as a class offered to our 9th and 10th grade High School students. This class was created to emphasize the skills and knowledge required to produce articles and interviews that contribute to the production of a Student led website. This class offers students the opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions on topics meaningful to them and/or their community, in a way that is factual, corroborated, and well communicated. Throughout this class students also explored other mediums, such as photo journalism and video recording, to help bring a more relatable and lively feel to the publication. Also throughout this course, students were stretched out of their comfort zone by having to do things they have never done before. such as interviewing peers and people in authority. This process not only benefitted the students in a way that it was a great experience, but it aided in their character as a student and person, and in building their confidence. The goal for this publication is to give students a platform to be as authentically themselves as possible. Throughout this process we hope to represent Student U, its goals, mission, and as well as the students that help make Student U what it is today.



The mission of The Voices of Student U is to ensure that all students have a platform that empowers them to share the stories of their community. It’s our goal to develop a high level of proficiency and independence in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, enabling them to become lifelong, effective communicators and storytellers in a culturally diverse society.


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